Accelerate Your AI Development 
with High-Quality, Labeled Data​

Introducing XAP Labeling: The Ultimate AI-Driven Data Labeling Platform

The All-in-One Data Labeling Solution​

Data labeling is a crucial step in AI and machine learning development. With XAP Labeling, you get a comprehensive, AI-driven data labeling platform designed to support various data modalities, including text, images, audio, video, and time series. 

Our user-friendly, efficient, and accurate platform caters to a diverse range of tasks such as classification, object detection, and segmentation. XAP Labeling is the essential tool that empowers businesses across industries to make data-driven decisions.


Leverage advanced AI algorithms and human-in-the-loop verification for high-quality labeled data.


Streamline your labeling process with smart automation features and an intuitive user experience.


Work seamlessly with your team, sharing insights and improving the overall data labeling process.

A Platform Built for Your Success

XAP Labeling is designed to deliver an exceptional user experience, enabling you to focus on what matters most - building innovative AI solutions. Our platform offers:

An easy-to-use interface

Navigate the platform effortlessly with an intuitive layout and clear instructions.

Seamless collaboration

Coordinate with team members, assign tasks, and share insights through integrated collaboration tools.

Robust support

Access dedicated customer support and an extensive knowledge base for a smooth labeling experience.

Get Started with XAP Labeling

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