Axon 4 Rack Server

The Axon 4 Server is a great entry-level server for businesses that want to deploy our technologies to production in their own on-premise environment. The Axon 4 server combines both an NVIDIA A40 GPU, the NEC SX-Aurora Tsubasa Vector Engine, 6 drive bays and optional InfiniBand networking to make it a perfect system for both AI and Big Data workloads.

The Axon 4 can be shipped with Smart Extract, Xpress Verify or Vecto Enterprise pre-installed, making getting up and running a simple turn-key affair.

Your Axon 4 server will be registered with your Xpress AI shop account, all of your compatible purchases will also be available to install.

33,941.61 33941.61 USD 33,941.61

¥ 3,000,000

  • Pre-Installed Solutions
    • Vecto Enterprise + 11,678.83
    • Xpress AI Platform + 14,598.54
    • Smart Extract + 4,744.53
    • Xpress Verify + 8,759.12
    • None
  • CPU Options
  • Memory Options (6 Slot)
  • 2X Accelerator Options
  • Storage Options
  • Operating System

This combination does not exist.

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