Axon 3 Workstation

The Axon 3 Workstation is perfect for developers or small businesses that want to build solutions on top of our technologies. By having both a server-class GPU (NVIDIA A40) and the NEC SX-Aurora Tsubasa Vector Engine, developers can use one work station for both state-of-the-art Deep Learning model development and for hyper-throughput data processing (Using Spark Cyclone).

The Axon 3 can also function as a tower server for smaller deployments of Smart Extract, Xpress Verify making it a perfect back-office workhorse for paperless workflows. Or Vecto Starter or Developer edition for developing applications that leverage Vecto's accelerated vector search technology.

By registering your device on the Xpress AI shop, all of your compatible purchases will be available to install on your Axon 3.

24,087.59 24087.59 USD 24,087.59

¥ 2,250,000

  • Pre-Installed Solutions
    • Xpress AI Platform + 7,299.27
    • Smart Extract + 4,744.53
    • Xpress Verify + 4,744.53
    • None
    • Vecto Developer + 2,919.71
  • CPU Options
  • Memory Options (12 Slot)
  • 2X Accelerator Options
  • Storage Options
  • Operating System

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