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AI with up to 100% less code

With Xircuits and Xpress AI platform, you don't have to be an expert to make your own bespoke AI solutions.

Our open-source drag-and-drop tooling makes it easy to compose important AI model training steps together with all the same power you have in Jupyter



The Xpress AI プラットフォームは データーラベリング、AIトレーニング、サービング、そしてモニタリングを1箇所で、全てのAIソリューションをサポートします。

The Xpress AIプラットホームにより、 オリジナルのAIを複雑でないインフラで支えます。




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Xaibo Smart Chat

Xaibo automatically finds and indexes the information inside your website and documents and makes that information available to users or employees with a simple and friendly chatbot interface.


Single Agent


single agent

  • Basic Agent Runtime
  • 3 Tools
  • Max 1 hour work time
  • Unlimited Jobs

Agent Team

$ 50 .00

/ agent / month
  • Priority Agent Runtime
  • Unlimited Tools
  • Max 12 Hour work time
  • Unlimited Jobs

Agent Workforce

$ 300 .00

/ agent / month
  • Premium Desktop Agent Runtime
  • Unlimited Tools and Learning Agents
  • Unlimited Work Time
  • Unlimited Jobs

Need custom integrations? On-premise deployment? Monitoring and reporting?

Enterprise plan available to fit your needs.  Contact our team to get started.