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The low-code platform for AI

With the Xpress AI platform and marketplace, you don't have to be an expert to make your own bespoke AI solutions.

Our open-source drag-and-drop tooling called Xircuits makes it easy to compose important AI model training steps together.

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AI Marketplace Re-imagined

The Xpress AI Marketplace goes beyond model files.  It has everything you need to bring AIs to life.

A new platform for AI 

The Xpress AI Platform supports the entire AI solution lifecycle in one place.  From Data Labeling, AI Training, Serving and Monitoring.

With the platform you can focus on your AI not on complicated infrastructure.

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ID Verification

Prevent fraud by matching faces, detecting liveness and extracting information from ID cards and documents while verifying genuineness with a model that detects changes in color, pattern, or flipping while ignoring things like scratches and other wear and tear.

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Smart Extract

Make tools that can find and extract the information inside evolving documents like invoices, receipts and mobile app screenshots.

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Vecto is a hardware accelerated vector search engine that enables developers to create next generation recommendation systems, chatbots and more, by leveraging the latest AI techniques to enable applications that have common sense.

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